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CSSD Opportunities

Are you interested in working from your own home to earn more income?</em> <p>&nbsp;</p> <em>Would you like to learn how online?</em> <p>&nbsp;</p> <em>Would you like to meet other entrepreneurs with disabilities with similar interests?</em></blockquote><hr color="red" width="50%" align="center" /> <p align="justify">Then you might be a good candidate for two online entrepreneurial programs offered by the Canadian Society for Social Development (CSSD).</p> <div style="text-align: justify; ">CSSD is a federally incorporated, non-profit society with charitable status. &nbsp;Their mandate is to provide online employment and skills training across Canada to persons with disabilities and others facing challenges to employment.</div> <p align="justify">CSSD is looking for students&hellip;</p> <ul> <li type="square">Who have an interest in becoming self-employed</li> <li type="square">Who already have some basic computer skills</li> <li type="square">Who find it difficult to work outside of home</li> <li type="square">Who are unable to attend regular in-house training programs</li> <li type="square">Who have a desire to learn and strive for independence</li> </ul> <p>For more information on CSSD click here: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p> <p>The first online program is:</p> <p><img alt="Business Abilities Logo" src="" /></p> <p align="justify">The Business Abilities Program provides a two phase approach to exploring self-employment. In Phase One they offer the online <strong>&quot;Preparing for Business&quot;</strong> course that you work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. It teaches you how to assess your entrepreneurial skills, research your business idea and prepare your business plan. &nbsp;All you &nbsp;need is a desire to learn about self-employment and access to a computer for a few hours each day so you can prepare a business plan around your particular business idea. &nbsp;BA is funded by the federal governments - Opportunities Fund and is available free, online across Canada to people who identify themselves as someone living with a disability or chronic health issue.&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">The Business Abilities team will coach you through the curriculum and will review your finished business plan. When you are ready to start your venture they will coach you through the start-up of your business. In addition to learning how to plan your business, in Phase Two you take advanced modules to assist you in managing your business successfully; participate in live &ldquo;Webinars&rdquo; with experts on various business topics; and interact with your coach and other participants through instant messaging, email, web conferencing and the Conversation Caf&eacute;.</p> <p>The Business Abilities Program takes participants at any time and gives you the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs with disabilities all across Canada.&nbsp; To register go to: &nbsp;</p> <p align="justify">The second online program is:</p> <p align="justify">The Internet Business Development for Entrepreneurs (IBDE) web design program is delivered online by the Canadian Society for Social Development (CSSD), in partnership with Selkirk College. The IBDE program teaches new marketable skills in a self-paced and supported work and learning environment.</p> <p align="justify">The IBDE program is a six month - 30 hour a week, online accredited web design program that teaches students how to make websites for their own business or as a web designer for other small businesses. Students are provided with one-on-one assistance through instant messaging, email, phone, and through &ldquo;live&rdquo; workshops in a virtual classroom. Tuition includes all course supplies and software, and funding assistance is usually available in local communities; contact CSSD for more information. Groups start in the fall of each year and those interested are encouraged to sign up for the next intake as spaces are limited at:</p>