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Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Exploring One's Suitability for Entrepreneurship

There is a common belief that entrepreneurs are people who were born entrepreneurs. This is not so. To be an entrepreneur (with or without a disability) you must have:

  • a desire to be your own boss
  • a positive, energetic, dynamic approach
  • the ability to identify opportunities
  • the ability to view mistakes as part of the learning process rather than thinking that you've failed
  • the ability to be flexible and continue to manage your business through market changes and trends and through thick and thin
  • a well-established vision for your business with short- and long-term goals

However, a combination of the right traits is not enough to enable you to set up and run a successful business. A strong commitment to bringing your idea to fruition is essential, as is continued hard work in establishing and running your business. You must be prepared to face and overcome obstacles.

People with disabilities who choose entrepreneurship face the same challenges as anyone who chooses to become an entrepreneur. Additionally, the disability needs to be factored in, and the individual must consider how his or her disability can be accommodated in the new business venture.

Source of the above information: Control your Destiny, a booklet produced by the Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres (CAILC) in partnership with the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (EDN), Canada.